Thursday, April 10, 2014

Pixel Plane Update 0.2.1!

It's been a while!

Major changes in Pixel Plane 0.2.1:
  1. New main menu layout:
  2. Sound effects for:
    1. score increment
    2. crumpling up into a paper ball
    3. explosion!
  3. A very basic tutorial.

New Main Menu!
Some less visual, but equally important aspects of the game were also fixed recently:
  1.  Resolved an SSL hash mis-match between what our app was signed with, and what the Facebook SDK was sending. 
  2. Fixed an issue in the Facebook canvas webplayer build that was causing the friends leaderboards to hang indefinitely when a profile picture could not be retrieved from Facebook.
  3. Created a dialog-window object which can be inserted into the current scene with dyanmic heading, body, and close() callback. This gets used in many places such as:
    1. Pause screen
    2. Tutorial
    3. General error pop-ups. 

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